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Zynga To Sue PyramidVille Creator

Facebook game maker Zynga has filed a lawsuit against another developer for its use of the word "ville" in the title of ones of its games. The target, Kobojo, made a game called PyramidVille which launched on Facebook in early 2011. An updated adventures mode turned up on mobile phones a short while later.

Zynga believes since it has a clearly defined series of 'Ville' games, including: CityVille, FarmVille, PetVille and FishVille, that it has the right to claim ownership of the term and only it can produce games titled in that fashion.

"There can be no question that the defendant was fully aware of Zynga's success and Zynga's Ville family of games prior to selecting the name for its similarly themed game," reads the complaint by Zynga. "For example, on information and belief, more than one of Defendant's principles had installed and played various games within Zynga's Ville Family of Games prior to the release of PyramidVille."

This is a ballsy move however, as whether it has previous 'Ville' games or not, Zynga does not own the copyright on the name. Its trademark application for it was also denied recently, making it seem unlikely that this suit will go very far.

This is the second company that Zynga has sued because of its ville usage. Night Owl Games was targeted for its creation of Dungeonville and Blingville.

Source: Games Industry

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