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£49.99 Belkin F5D4078UK 1000Mbps Powerline HD Adapters - Twin Pack

One of the well-known brands in networking - Belkin, brings to you the 1000Mbps Powerline HD Adapters that would take your home networking by storm allowing you to access music, games and HD videos from any wall socket in your home.

Using the Belkin F5D4078UK you can create a superfast home network traditionally only available through networking cables and through the use of 1Gbps switches. The Powerline HD dual pack gives you fast and reliable speeds for streaming HD video, playing music.

The BitBoost auto feature in the adapter automatically prioritizes streaming video and online gaming over less time sensitive activities like email and Web surfing. Security has been duly addressed with 128-bit AES link encryption and with Pre-Set Security the security is enabled by default and you can easily change the network key using the security push button.

All you have to do is connect both the adapters into wall sockets - one adapter near the home router and the other near the end device where connectivity has to be provided - either a computer, gaming console or home theatre system and you are ready to roll with high speeds network connectivity.

The Belkin F5D4078UK 1000Mbps Powerline HD Adapters - Twin Pack is available from for £49.99 delivered.