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AM News: The Queen Confirms UK Surveillance Plans, Zynga to Sue PyramidVille Creator Kobojo, Sony Launches E3 Countdown Clock

The Queen has confirmed UK governmental plans to increase the surveillance of its citizens in her speech to Parliament this morning, headlining it instead as something that will "maintain the ability of the law enforcement and intelligence agencies to access vital communications data."

Facebook game maker Zynga has filed a lawsuit against another developer for its use of the word "ville" in the title of ones of its games. The target, Kobojo, made a game called PyramidVille which launched on Facebook in early 2011. An updated adventures mode turned up on mobile phones a short while later.

Sony has revealed a countdown timer to the E3 2012 Expo, as well as detailing its plans to live stream press conferences between 4th and 7th June. On the 4th, there will be a 5:30pm preview, before a 6pm press conference. The other days will see coverage from late morning all the way through to 5pm and 6pm. As the countdown stands, there are just 26 days to go.

Sources claim that Microsoft may be pitching Facebook to build a Windows Phone that's fully integrated with the social network. Presumably, this device will wear custom branding and hold the acclaimed title as the first ever Facebook phone. Supposedly, Microsoft is just in talks with Facebook at the moment, trying to convince the company why Windows Phone would be the ideal operating system to employ on such a handset.

Google is facing an anti-trust investigation in India over alleged anti-competitive practices, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. While the probe will be focused on AdWords to begin with, Indian officials have apparently said that it could potentially extend beyond this, into other aspects of the big G's business.