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Apple Accused Of Preventing Direct Donations From iPhone, iPad

A new report published by The Big Society Network aims to raise awareness about Apple's strategies against charitable trusts, with the iPhone maker accused of denying charities the opportunity to raise money for their causes.

"When considering the potential of giving powered by apps, the Apple app store's policy was highlighted repeatedly as a barrier to significant uptake," reads the report. The non-profit organisations complain that Apple's policy towards them pushes them to adopt an Android platform.

Relying on Google's mobile OS is perceived as a shortcoming in terms of fundraising. Android users are known to spend less money on their apps, as developers recently noticed.

Android users don't like buying premium content, with charities confirming that users are less likely to invest in app purchases.

Steve Moore, chief executive of the Big Society Network, said: "Giving hasn't increased in the past 30 years a proportion of household spend, and only about 3 per cent of all donations are made via web/mobile." The charities however, are trying to use the technology to their advantage. Apple's attitude towards charity is expected to change under Tim Cook's reign.

Source: Telegraph

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