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Apple, Amazon Customers Are The Most Content

ForeSee has published a consumer satisfaction report in order to help companies keep up with the "super customers" who shop online whilst moving from brand to brand.

The poll focused on online retailers, according to specific categories, by measuring the satisfaction of US customers. The report shows that Amazon set the standard for e-commerce and is still "the leader of the pack" with the highest score ever achieved.

Apple is also among the winners along with QVC, L.L. Bean, Avon, and Keurig. The average satisfaction score for e-retailers remains the same as that of the last three years, at 78 points (out of 100).

Apple managed to earn five more satisfaction points compared to last year's results and has now reached 85 points. The iPhone maker is the winner of the category, scoring higher than online stores from Dell, with 80; Hewlett Packard, with 79; and Sony, Microsoft, each with 78.

Apple also scored higher than other e-retailers selling computers and related products without manufacturing them, such as BestBuy (80), TigerDirect (79) and PC Connection (74).

Considering Apple is in the process of updating its online stores, the iPhone maker is expected to consolidate its position in the e-retail market.

Source: ForeSee (registration required)

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