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Asian Mobile Web Traffic Tripled Since 2010

The share of web traffic coming from countries in Asia has tripled in just over two years.

Almost 50 per cent of all web traffic in India is mobile traffic, as is the web traffic in several other countries in both Asia and Africa.

This data comes from site monitoring firm Pingdom, and shows the fast rate at which mobile web traffic is growing.

China has the most number of mobile phones in a single country, followed by India, the US, Brazil and Indonesia.

China has increased from just 6.1 per cent to 17.82 per cent in two years. Mobile traffic in Africa is currently 14.85 per cent of all web traffic, in 2010 it was just 5.81 per cent.

The UK is the European country with the largest share, at 10.71 percent, while the US share is just 8.61 per cent. Europe scored an impressive 183.43 per cent increase, "But with the mobile share only increasing from 1.81% to 5.13%, Europe is still far behind both Africa and Asia when it comes to the percentage of users accessing the web using mobiles," Pingdom noted.

The share of web traffic coming from mobiles is set to continue to grow at a fast pace, with several countries closing down on the 50 per cent mark and the number of people owning mobile phones growing quickly as well.

Source: Pingdom