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AT&T Moves Into Home Security

AT&T is expanding its remit and looking beyond the mobile world, with a move into home security systems.

The smart-home market, as it's known, has already seen Verizon get on board, and AT&T's security offering will be called Digital Life, with the firm showing it off at CTIA.

The service will let users view camera footage of their home remotely via a computer or mobile device, so you can literally keep an eye on things while you're away. Temperature and lighting will also be adjustable, to enable lights to be turned on at night, or indeed the heating to be switched on should a seriously frosty snap descend and threaten to freeze pipes. 24 hour security call centre monitoring is also included in the service, which sounds like a well-rounded package.

AT&T will begin trials of the system in Atlanta and Dallas over the next few months, and will eventually roll Digital Life out across the States to anyone with a high speed broadband line. Users will be able to customise the system to their needs, or budgetary requirements.

AT&T is striking out into the home security business, as according to Glenn Lurie, president of emerging devices: "It's a fragmented industry, which is one of the reasons why we think it's the right time to jump in."

He added: "This product is a monumental leap ahead of anything else in the marketplace."

Source: Bloomberg