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Big App Names Coming to Windows Phone

CTIA Wireless 2012 has been a place of many announcements and now Microsoft takes the stage with a big pack of important applications, which are going to be made available to the Marketplace soon. As a little twist to the story, some of these titles will only be offered to Nokia Lumia phone owners.

Nokia's interesting partnership with the Redmond-based software maker has its benefits, as Microsoft has vowed to deliver an exclusive pack of apps to the Lumia line. PGA Tour will be one of them, serving clients with updated scores and tour-related information about the golf world, starting from June.

ESPN will also be an exclusive for Lumia devices, until next year, and will deliver on-spot information about NFL, NBA, NHL and other interesting leagues.

Groupon will certainly be made available this summer and will be treated as an exclusive, for the next six months. AOL's Entertainment Hub will also arrive in the same period, offering live content streaming from thousands of radio stations.

Besides these apps, the Windows Phone Marketplace has signed deals with Electronic Arts and Rovio, for bringing all future important titles to the mobile platform. Among the titles, we should see FIFA, Yahtzee, NBA, and the complete editions of Angry Birds.

TripDots, PayPal, TIME, NewsWeek and the Box app for Windows Phone are just several other programmes that will find their way into Microsoft's growing OS.