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Citrix Unveils “Path To The Cloud” Strategy

Over at Synergy in San Francisco, Citrix has revealed its "path to the cloud" strategy, designed to help customers more effectively build and deliver cloud services.

And the first arm of the multi-faceted strategy is to make it easy for users to create Amazon-style clouds, using Citrix's CloudStack. That's the platform it acquired with, and one the firm has recently decided to favour over OpenStack.

Citrix recently pushed CloudStack forward into the Apache Software Foundation Incubator Program, since then over 60 industry partners have announced their support, the company notes.

The second piece of its strategy is Citrix CloudBridge, a solution which makes it easy for corporate data centres to connect to external, third-party clouds. The company announced the upgraded CloudBridge 2, which adds a self-service listing of popular clouds, pre-configured to hook up with CloudBridge. It also facilitates one-click provisioning, to make it a simple matter to connect up to external clouds for the first time.

The third step on Citrix's path to cloud heaven is NetScaler, which helps enterprises scale up networks, as the name suggests. NetScaler 10, which was recently unleashed, came with TriScale technology which Citrix claims "brought the elasticity, simplicity and expandability of the cloud to enterprise and carrier networks alike".

Citrix also revealed a tech preview of NetScaler 10 for Amazon Web Services.

Finally, Citrix announced Project Avalon, which is designed to deliver the Windows desktop as a true cloud service.

Citrix boasted: "With Project Avalon, customers will be able to rapidly deploy personalized Windows apps and desktops in a flexible, private cloud environment across single or multiple sites, and utilize public clouds in a ‘capacity on demand' fashion for business continuity, integrating mergers and acquisitions, or supporting offshoring projects."

The company is promising live demos of these various elements, and "meet the architects" sessions, at the Citrix Synergy event this week.