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HTC Boss Peter Chou Will Carry Olympic Torch

Samsung may have the official phone of the London Olympics in the form of the Galaxy S III, but HTC's getting in on the Games action too, with Chief Executive Peter Chou set to carry the Olympic flame.

The torch is being lit over in Greece today, and then begins its relay journey over to the east end of London.

Chou will get to run along with the Olympic flame for a bit in London, all the while praying that he doesn't drop it while he attempts to send a couple of text messages with an HTC One X in his other hand. Possibly. Well, why not make the most of the publicity, eh?

Apparently the CEO was chosen to be a torch bearer in recognition of his achievements and success in the mobile industry, according to Taiwan News.

Chou will be doing his duty in the capital city on the 6th of July, and he said that "every step I take will represent my deepest support for Taiwan's athletes attending the London 2012 Olympic Games."

The Olympics kicks off three weeks later. We wonder if a RIM executive will also try to muscle in on the flame carrying action, surely a perfect opportunity to plug the BlackBerry Torch range.

Source: The Verge