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HzO WaterBlock Could Make Smartphones And Tablets Water Repellent

The recent edition of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) event has provided the opportunity for many technology companies to display their latest innovations. HzO has jumped at the chance to demonstrate its waterproofing technology, for smartphones and tablets.

WaterBlock is described as "a chemical vapor deposition that blankets vital electronic circuitry with a nano-thin film containing highly effective, water-repelling properties." The waterproofing solution is advertised as having no aesthetic impact, on the device.

The nano-film applied to smartphone and tablet components is transparent, and it doesn't change the feel of the device. The company explains that it took the innovative way to "seal the soul" of the electronic devices from inside, rather than protecting them from outside, with waterproof cases.

This proprietary nanotechnology offers protection against accidental spills, environmental humidity and even immersion. Just when we've started to think the news is too good to be true, we've found out we can't enjoy the innovation, just yet.

The technology is not available for the average consumer, at least not HzO's solution. Rival companies, such as P2i, has already introduced to the market similar waterproofing solutions for electronic devices. Motorola also has their splash guard technology in most of the new mobile phones, which offers similar protection.

Source: HzoInside

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