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Inside Xbox UK to be Discontinued

Inside Xbox's UK arm has announced it too will be discontinued, following suit from the US branch which revealed it would no longer be providing videos and news.

"Following the news last week that Inside Xbox in the US was to cease production, the team in Europe has been investigating what makes most sense for them and the Xbox LIVE community as they continue to strive to deliver the latest gaming and entertainment news for users across the region," said the Major in a statement.

"As such, they have decided to move away from the current first-party produced content model and transition to a third-party content model, which will provide timely and locally-relevant content to users across more of the EMEA markets. Whilst this means that the Inside Xbox brand will effectively be retired in Europe, the focus remains on continuing to provide the Xbox LIVE community with the latest and best in games and entertainment news and information."

What this third party content will be like is unknown at this point. It seems unlikely that it will use the Inside Xbox name.

Fans of the service have attempted to keep it around by signing an online petition, but it seems to have had little effect. Many lamented the fact that the Inside Xbox feature was often buried in the 360's new dashboard, making it difficult to find and accounting for dwindling viewing numbers.

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