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iPhone 4, 4S To Be Launched On Two More US Carriers

Apple's top handsets are looking to snatch up a bigger chunk of the domestic market by expanding their availability. Last month, Apple allowed several CDMA carriers from the US market offer iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S to their subscribers.

Some of them had even advertised a $50 (£31) discount below Apple's standard prices. Now, two more small US carriers will be able to include the latest iPhone models on their lists.

On 18th May, Bluegrass Cellular and Golden State Cellular will be able to sell to their customers the new handsets. The later carrier confirmed the $50 discount for the iPhone 4S.

The price tags of the three models will be $149 (£92) for the 16GB model, $249 (£154) for the 32GB model and $349 (£216) for the 64GB model. Customers choosing an iPhone 4, will have to pay just $50.

Bluegrass Cellular is expected to offer the same prices in order to remain competitive. The subscribers of the two carriers will have to agree to a two-year contract as well as the data plans suitable to their needs. Bluegrass offers data plans ranging from $65 to $100 monthly, while Golden State Cellular has data plans from $80 to $120.

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