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Judge Calls Microsoft and Motorola "Arrogant" in Patent Trial

After several hours of hearing arguments and disputes between Microsoft and Motorola over a patent case, a federal judge from Seattle criticised the two tech companies for being arrogant.

The judge acknowledged the tough situation that several courts are being placed in, with more and more manufacturers asking for patent trials, in an attempt to win a financial advantage from competitors or even block a product from being available.

In this case, the judge stated that "the conduct of both Motorola and Microsoft has been driven by an attempt to secure commercial advantage and to an outsider looking in, it has been arbitrary, it has been arrogant and frankly it appears to be based on hubris."

His conclusion was mainly based not on the behaviour of lawyers, but rather on the "philosophy" of the two companies.

Microsoft and Motorola argued over the fact that Motorola asked for a 2.25 per cent cut from Xbox 360 and Windows computer sales, in exchange for the right to use video and wireless patents.

The Redmond-based giant has seen the claim exaggerated, with the sum totalling over £2.48 billion each year, and has filed lawsuit.

As an argument to win the case, Motorola asked why Microsoft did not came to negotiate and opted for the court instead, but the remark was swiftly cut by the judge describing the negotiating letter as an ultimatum, more than an invitation.

Source: GeekWire