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Lumia 900 Stocks At Clove Exhausted Until June 4th

Pre-orders of Nokia's latest Lumia 900 have seen a high demand at launch, and now Clove has announced that delivery will be delayed for some customers - until the week starting on the 4th of June.

The device was previously expected in Britain next week, on the 14th of May, but it seems that Nokia has not managed or refuses to deliver phones to online retailers. As sources claim, Nokia is not expected to run out of stocks, but just wants to hold back on the numbers, for other more demanding purchasing channels, such as in-store shops.

The British online retailer will be selling these smartphones in June; Clove has also announced other colours, than Black, will be available. At the moment, the Nokia Lumia 900 sells for £458.40 at Clove, including taxes.

That sum will grant customers a brand-new Nokia handset with a brilliant design and the latest version of Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, as well as the hope of receiving major OS upgrades, possibly exclusively. Microsoft may already be testing Windows Phone 8 Apollo, on that very model.

Besides the almost perfect curves, the Lumia 900 comes with a 4.3in AMOLED display that uses ClearBlack technologies (known for their quality under intensive light conditions), HD resolution, a single-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz and 16GB of storage.

The phone also features a quality 8-megapixel camera and a slimmer body than its predecessor, the Lumia 800.

Source: Clove