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Microsoft Will Cut CO2 Emissions From July

Microsoft has announced that starting with July 1st the company will reduce its carbon emissions and will make investments in renewable energy.

The software maker plans to reduce pollution throughout the production process, whilst setting an internal tax for those operations which cannot be made environmentaly friendly.

All the funds gathered using this tax from emissions incurred by air travel, data centres and other parts of the business, will be used to fuel green-tech investments in renewable energy.

Microsoft's cloud business is one of the biggest polluters, by requiring high performance servers that require a high level of electrical power.

Greenpeace has acknowledged that Microsoft has set an example for other cloud hosting services and is taking a "good first step."

Microsoft is expected to match or exceed Google and Facebook's efforts when it comes to green technology, even though the search engine company is investing over £556 million in alternative sources of powers.

This is not the first environmental-friendly action taken by Microsoft. The company recently invested in a smarter buildings pilot on the Redmond campus, building a strong research partnership with CarbonSystems and even writing whitepapers on how the IT industry can protect the world with small actions.

Source: Microsoft