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MPs To Get iPads Worth £429,000 From Tax Money

According to recent reports, the British Parliament is in the full process of iPad adoption. All 650 members of Parliament are to receive an iPad or other "suitable mobile tablet hardware."

It is hoped that Apple's devices will reduce paperwork, save money and help the British MPs become much more efficient. Previously, the Daily Mail reported that every MP had already received allocation for three desktops and two laptops before the tablet rollout.

During the iPad pilot programme, 70 MPs filed expenses for Apple's tablets. At the beginning of last month, the Commons Administration Committee decided that "rapid rollout of suitable mobile tablet hardware to all 650 MPs" is needed.

The iPad testing revealed both financial savings and increased efficiency. As a result, more than half of MPs (about 350) will immedialte receive an iPad.

The rest of the 300 members of Parliament will have to return obsolete equipment, either a desktop or laptop, in order to receive a new iPad. One hundred returned computers could spare £50,000 from the iPads' costs.

The iPad programme could cost British taxpayers anywhere within the region of £260,000 to £429,000. Apple's tablets are regarded with high esteem among British high officials. Earlier this year, Prime Minister David Cameron was awarded his own customised iPad app.

Source: TechWeekEurope

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