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OCZ Vertex 4 SSD Speed Boosted By Firmware Update

The OCZ Vertex 4 SSD has just had a big performance boost thanks to a recent firmware update. Bringing it to 1.4RC, the patch has increased read speeds at all capacities from 535MBps to 550MBps, though the biggest jump is to be found with the write performance.

Specifically in the lower capacities, write speed wasn't anything to write home about on the Vertex drive, but now it's far more impressive. At 128GB, it's increased from 200MBps to 420MBps. At 256GB it's now 465MBps, whereas previously it was just 380MBps. The 512GB kit remained the same at 475MBps, though its read speed increase was the same as the others.

All these results are for the maximum read/write speeds, so don't expect these sorts of numbers consistently, but it's an impressive jump from a simple firmware update. This will certainly make the drive more attractive as a potential purchase for those looking to upgrade.

These aren't just numbers though, real world performance has increased too. The guys over at Storage Review have been having a play with the new firmware and they're reporting increases in benchmark results by as much as 75 per cent in some instances.

The only caveat to the whole thing is endurance. Yesterday there was a slight issue with over five hours continuous use, according to the testing. Because of this, the recommendation for heavy users at this point is to wait until this issue is fixed before updating to the latest release.

Source: Hexus

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