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Over 50,000 Handsets Have Been Smoked By Windows Phone

Microsoft has released several stats for the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge and as the numbers show, the marketing campaign has gathered an impressive number of followers for the mobile OS.

Known as "Dare to Live" in the UK, Microsoft's challenge has been running in 36 countries all over the globe, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, India and the US. Microsoft used several devices to taunt contenders but lately it seems that Nokia's Lumia 900 was the favourite weapon of choice.

The campaign was a successful marketing strategy, with Microsoft gathering over 8 million YouTube views, 95 per cent viewers liking the video and two trending titles in different categories.

More than 50,675 users have challenged Microsoft on certain Windows Phone actions, but just 638 of them have actually won the prize, though the software maker did publicly apologise to a Galaxy Nexus user for not deeming him as the winner - with a brand new laptop.

Microsoft believes that more than 100 million people have seen, participated or read about the contest worldwide, thus granting the platform a nice amount of exposure.

Windows Phone is also available in the UK as Dare to Live, with the contest giving challengers the opportunity to outrun a Nokia Lumia 900 for a nice prize - with specific actions such as taking a picture and posting it on to Facebook.

Source: Windows Steam Blog