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Pirate Party UK Responds To Queen's Speech

The Pirate Party UK has released a statement commenting on the Queen's Speech, where she reiterated the current government's plan to introduce new surveillance of citizen's emails and other communications if they are suspected of terrorism.

While the Queen seemed to give the nod to snooping on people, The Pirate Party was keen to explain exactly what the sterilised sounding bill actually means:

"Using the powers proposed in the Draft Communications Data Bill, the government plans to record the details of every e-mail, including who sent and received it, as well as location data. Messages sent through social media services and chats sent through multiplayer video games could also be recorded."

Loz Kaye, leader of the Pirate Party also pointed out that bills like this had been opposed by conservatives when they were put forward by Labour. William Hague said that human rights were human rights, whether in the real world or online. David Cameron himself said in 2009, that we "are in danger of living in a control state."

Now they are in power, however, the tables appear to have turned.

"It seems that the government thinks censorship and surveillance are to be condemned abroad but are fine in the UK if the target of such actions is an all too vague notion of terrorists and extremists," said Mr Kaye.

It wasn't all doom and gloom, with the party praising the proposed amendments to defamation laws and the protection of free speech, but as with many British people, Mr Kaye and his party are certainly wary of the abuse potential of the new data scrutiny laws.

Source: Pirate Party

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