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Proview Sees "Big Gap" Following Apple's Settlement Offer

The neverending legal battle between Apple and the almost bankrupt Proview over the iPad name is still ongoing. Recently, a Chinese court sent the two companies to resolve their dispute by negotiating.

The Guangdong Higher People's Court is trying to mediate the settlement talks but the resolution is nowhere in sight. Apple's compensation offer to Proview Technology did not end the dispute.

None of the parties involved has disclosed the amount of money offered. Roger Xie, one of Proview's lawyers, commented on the situation.

"Right now, there is still a big gap between the two sides on the settlement amount," said Xie. Carolyn Wu, a spokeswoman for Apple in Beijing, was reluctant to comment on Proview's statement.

Just a few years back, the Chinese company accused Apple of acquiring the iPad trademark through deceitful means - but then again, Proview doesn't exactly hold a squeaky clean reputation either.

The company was delisted two years ago, and has managed to delay bankruptcy procedures by promising it will get huge wads of money from Apple. Last month, reports surfaced that the Chinese authorities will support the local company against Apple.

Source: Bloomberg

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