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Samsung Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging Dock Delayed

The Samsung Galaxy S III will be on sale at the end of the month, but unfortunately, the Samsung Wireless Charging Dock won't be.

The official wireless charging kit allows the owner to juice up their smartphone without having to bother with pesky cables or sockets, and it's clever enough to switch itself off, when the battery power has been fully topped up.

However, it seems that the gadget has been delayed, at least according to online retailer Mobile Fun. The website currently has the release date listed as the 1st of September, although it has noted that this wasn't a firm date, in response to a customer question regarding availability and pricing.

Mobile Fun wrote: "We have no further info at the moment on this - unfortunately the latest date for release is approx Sept. 2012."

Unfortunate indeed, as that's quite a lag behind the phone's launch date. There may be hope yet for those who can't wait until the autumn, as Mobile Fun is reportedly considering the possibility of providing third-party alternatives to the official wireless charging accessory.

Samsung is certainly pushing on the wireless charging front, as this week at CTIA the firm hooked up with the Alliance for Wireless Power. A4WP is an organisation focussed on a new wireless power transfer tech, which "provides spatial freedom for charging of electrical devices in cars, on tabletops and for multiple devices simultaneously."

It's just a shame that Samsung couldn't have pushed a bit harder, when it came to the S III's wireless charger release date.


Source: Slashgear