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T-Mobile Ad Mocks iPhone 4S Speed On AT&T

Apple's commercial success and popularity draws a lot of expected animosity from its rivals. After RIM has specifically aimed its latest commercial against iPhone users, it's now time for Apple's partner carrier AT&T to take the hit.

Last year, T-Mobile was overlooked by Apple, although the carrier assiduously courted the iPhone maker to get the latest handset. Now, it is payback time.

The most recent T-Mobile commercial manages to mock, in just 30 seconds, iPhone 4S users and the slow AT&T network. Although the ad's storyline is not new, it does bring in a twist.

The commercial depicts a motorcyclist who looks kind of cool, in his own way, when he is alone on the road. The comparison is with another bike rider, moving with lightning speed, which puts things into perspective.

Incidentally, the biker representing T-Mobile is an attractive girl with a magenta helmet and sassy attitude toward the iPhone owner, who's lagging behind - in the slow lane. T-Mobile is using its better 4G LTE and HSDPA + 3G networks, to differentiate itself from the rival AT&T network.

The carrier also hopes to attract iPhone users to these high-speed networks, despite mocking them in the latest commercial.

Make a test drive for yourself (if you are in America) and see how T-Mobile's network fares against its rivals. See the advert below.

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