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Toshiba Celebrates Apple's Increased NAND Demand

Toshiba is set to increase its operating profit by around 50 per cent this year, thanks to a massive influx of capital from Apple iPhone sales. The reason? Each handset packs a few Toshiba NAND chips inside it.

Some believe that the percentage jump could be even higher however: "Apple is probably their largest customer and depending on the time of the year when Apple procures from Toshiba I suspect it could be as high as 70 percent," said Damian Thong, an analyst at Macquarie in Tokyo.

However, not every aspect of Toshiba's business is rosy. There's been a sharp drop off on LCD TV sales as LED technology becomes far more common place. The television market is also likely to get far more competitive in the next year or two as well, an area that Toshiba has traditionally done quite well in.

First off, Sony is looking to revamp its range of Bravia sets with more focus coming from the new head of the firm, Kazuo Hirai. As well as this, Apple's rumoured TV venture could see Toshiba going up against its partner in a battle of the sets.

That said, with Toshiba's current focus on monetising component sales over own-branded hardware, it stands to continue to do well even with increasing competition. If you can't beat them, join them - by selling them parts.

Source: Reuters

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