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US Still Love Tax-Shady Apple

Apple's shady strategy towards corporate taxes has had no impact on its reputation, declared a recent report. Its customers are still attached to the innovative company and they are more interested in learning about the upcoming products than Apple's taxes.

Last month, The New York Times exposed the company in a very detailed article titled "How Apple sidesteps billions in taxes". US officials have declared that they were infuriated by Apple's use of subterfuges on tax policy.

Apple responded simply that it creates jobs. The public, however, has barely reacted to the news. YouGov's recent survey reveals that Apple's reputation score actually has raised a little after the tax revelation.

Shortly after, Apple's reputation returned to the previous position. Comparatively, GE, another American company involved in a tax scandal last year, never regained the same reputation score after the media exposed its fraudulent tactics.

Mark, one of the people who commented on the original report has pointed out: "I would rather have Apple keep that money so that they can continue to innovate, create useful products, and pay their employees well for their great work. If that $2.4 billion was given to the government, what good what it do? (...) Pay for some tanks and missiles?"

Source: HuffingtonPost

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