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£64.98 Extra Value 5.1-channel 450W DVD Home Cinema Kit

The DVD6091 from Extra Value is a full featured DVD home theater system with quite a few features that you would normally find in top of the line DVD players.

Capable of playing a range of formats - CDs, MP3 CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVD-Rs, and Kodak Picture CDs besides regular DVDs, the DVD6091 will surely keep you entertained. With progressive scan, the DVD provides sharp videos.

Audio system comprises of Built in Dolby Digital (AC-3) decoder with a 5.1-channel output from a total of five satellite speakers plus a subwoofer capable of giving a 450 watts of pure high quality sound that would fill up your entire living room and as a matter of fact your entire home.

Some of the output interfaces are HDMI, composite video, S-video, RCA and coaxial connections. The LED display on the DVD player gives you indications of tracks and files being currently played.

The Extra Value 5.1-channel 450W DVD Home Cinema Kit is available from eBuyer for £64.98.