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An LTE iPhone 5 Could Attract Many Buyers

A new survey among MacWorld readers, in America, has revealed that the upcoming iPhone would be a big hit, providing the handset will come with support for 4G. 70 per cent of those polled have declared they would purchase the next iPhone and almost a half, at 48 per cent, admitted they would pre-order the device.

The survey was conducted in March, with 1,248 Macworld and PCWorld readers and non-readers, who stated their intentions towards the upcoming iPhone and the carriers, who will offer the device.

AT&T has come out as the carrier of choice for 41 per cent of the respondents. Verizon has emerged at second place, with 29 per cent of the respondents saying they will buy the sixth generation iPhone from this carrier.

About ten per cent of the people who answered the survey stated they would change carriers, after Apple releases a new handset. The main reason was to save money on a data plan.

The second cause for carriers losing subscribers is network service. These lost customers, called "churns" by the carriers, highlight the importance of fast data speeds. In order to capture the lost clients from competitors, the carriers need to invest and provide fast LTE services.

Source: PC World

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