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Amazon To Compete Against Gizmodo, The Verge, Engadget With Technology Blogs

Amazon is set to unveil three new blogs that will compete against the likes of Gizmodo and The Verge as well as Photographyblog.

According to a report published by The Daily, the online retail giant will produce unbiased reviews for a gadget blog that will link back to Amazon's own retail website.

The second blog will apparently be geared towards the entertainment market which represents a massive market for Amazon and will cover films, comics, TV and other geek-related activities (ed : gaming as well then?).

The third one would be a blog entirely dedicated to photography apps like Instagram or Camerabag and could be a spin off blog of DPReview - which Amazon acquired back in 2007.

As Gigaom's Laura Hazard Owen points to, Amazon already has a number of blogs for cars, the Kindle, books, music and even cooking fans and even a tech blog called "end user" which hasn't been updated for exactly one year.

Still it would be interesting to see how Amazon tackles reviews of its own products (like the Kindle and Kindle Fire) and whether it includes reviews of other competing rivals like the iPad, the Vox or even Spotify.

Sources : The Daily, Gigaom

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