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Blockbuster Teams Up With IGN

Blockbuster has announced a partnership with media news and review site IGN, in order to help promote its new gamer VIP award scheme that offers free rentals, hardware through a point system.

Cat Kebbeh, head of marketing at Blockbuster, said: "The deal with IGN shows a new way of connecting with our customers, allowing them to easily engage with all the elements of the Blockbuster brand, from buying, renting, trading and commenting."

As part of the cooperation, a new microsite will be created, where IGN will showcase new releases that are available for rental, as well as new competitions from Blockbuster and deals that the audience can take advantage of.

"As a full home entertainment service, Blockbuster is always looking for new ways to reward its customers and connect in a way that moves the company forward," Miss Kebbeh continued.

IGN of course couldn't leave all the press statements to the old time video rental firm. Its UK commercial director, Adam Hopkinson said: "We're recommending Blockbuster VIP Gamer to our influential, mainstream gaming audience, as we believe it has the potential to encourage gamers back onto the High Street after a challenging period for the market.

"Blockbuster is promising a range of best-in-market deals and benefits for VIP Gamers, which will attract IGN readers to sign up and spread the word to the wider gaming community."

At one time Blockbuster was the go-to video rental firm, but over time it was overtaken by DVD through post companies, most of which are now evolving into streaming movies like LoveFilm.

Source: MCVUK

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