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Intel Claims ARM On Windows Will Struggle Because Of Legacy

Intel's CEO brought back the l-word on the table again, when addressing ARM's forthcoming challenge in the Windows market, during a live stream from the company's headquarters in Santa Clara.

Paul Otellini said that Windows on ARM, commonly known as Windows RT, will struggle because Intel still has an advantage with regards to legacy support, not only in terms of the "tens of millions" of applications he referred to but also in terms of devices.

The argument is moot though given how Android and iOS, which both almost exclusively on ARM, have thrived over the past four years (with no x86 code in sight) partly because of new paradigms like cloud computing and the application store.

ARM is expected to displace AMD as Intel's main focus as the semiconductor giant focuses on the mobile segment rather than on the desktop.

With the rise of BYOD and ultra portable devices like tablets and smartphones, Intel risks losing its grip on the PC market - especially in the consumer market - to rivals like Qualcomm, Nvidia or Texas Instruments (ed : it's worth noting that Microsoft also has an architectural license which in theory would allow it to build ARM chips).

Source : Cnet

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