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iOS Defeats Android In Enterprise Activity

A recent study from Zscaler ThreatlabZ, the research division of SaaS security provider Zscaler, has revealed the iOS successful rise to power in the business sector. 50 per cent of the enterprise mobile activity comes from iPhones and iPads.

Google's Android OS has suffered from a downwards trend, as it has lost 10 per cent since last December - where it now accounts for 37 per cent of mobile activity. Zscaler's report shows that BlackBerry usage is also dropping, but at a slower pace.

iOS has managed to surpass Android, also in enterprise activations, as highlighted by previous reports. RIM, once the must-have brand across the business community, reached 15 per cent, at the end of March.

BlackBerry has lost 3 per cent in the last three months. The study is based on data collected from over 200 billion Cloud transactions from mobile devices.

In the first quarter, Mike Geide, Zscaler ThreatlabZ senior security researcher, points out that the mobile traffic accounted to the enterprise sector is not always business-related. "We'll see tons of mobile traffic through that guest network because that's what everybody's doing in the waiting room", Geide says.

iPhone and iPad activity could be coming from the guests who would rather use the company's connections, while streaming video or making other large server transactions, in order to avoid large mobile phone bills.

Source: TechWorld

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