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iPhone Expansion To Help Apple Reach $2 Trillion Value By 2015

The latest forecast relating to Apple's status on the market and its evolution, now covers the next three years. Instead of making cautious estimates for a few quarters, Andy Zaky, Fortune editor, has highlighted Apple's progress until 2015.

Considering Zaky's previous accurate predictions, one cannot help but pay attention. The previous prediction about Apple's stocks was $1000 (£620) per share and now it's double.

Zaky believes Apple will almost triple its financial performance, over the next three years. The main reason for this increase will be the iPhone's successful expansion and rising sales.

The analyst has taken into consideration Apple's "Trailing Twelve Months" (TTM), a criterion representing a company's financial performance over the last 12 months. Calculating Apple's TTM, Zaky has reached the conclusion that by the fourth quarter of 2015, Apple's share price will be a little over $2,000.

At that time, the company will have a market capitalisation of two trillion US dollars. Piper Jaffray's, Gene Munster, believes that Apple would reach a market cap of $1 trillion, in 2014.

Then, Apple will be considered a mature company, believes Zaky. Apple's golden era and the "peak growth year", will be 2014.

In order to reach that value, the analyst believes Apple might get spectacular results in a completely different area. Zaky believes nanomedicine might be Apple's next field of innovation.

Source: CNN Money

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