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Konami Might Team Up With Zynga

Konami might be mulling over a partnership with Facebook game maker Zynga, after its earnings report showed a near doubling of profits over last year - despite revenue remaining roughly the same.

Over the past 12 months the Japanese developer raked in over 265 billion yen (£2.06 billion), while its profits jumped to 23 billion yen (£178.5 million). Much of this has been put down to growth in the company's games for social networking services.

"With the spread of smartphones and tablet PCs worldwide and the increased popularity of SNS sites, the available means of providing game software continues to diversify, and opportunities to reach an even greater audience for game software are increasing," a company spokesperson said.

"Against such a backdrop, our belief is that we can increase the number of 'outlets' for the Konami Group's game content by taking advantage of opportunities presented by the emergence of new devices and developing our business around game content. We intend to develop ways of playing games that match the characteristics of each device."

However the big news came when a hint was dropped about future development partners.

"Looking ahead, we will continue to expand our line-up, utilising previously established production and operational expertise and rich content resources, while continuing to support a wide range of devices and develop towards new overseas platforms, such as the provision of content to Zynga."

Source: Eurogamer

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