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Microsoft Fixes 23 Bugs in May Patch Tuesday

The latest edition of Microsoft's Patch Tuesday is now available on Windows Update and it addresses over 23 flaws found across multiple platforms, as well as fixing several critical issues which could have been exploited by malware infections.

All of these problems are described by seven different bulletins with three of them being marked as critical, with the other four highlighted as important.

First off, Microsoft fixed a vulnerability found in the Office suite that would have allowed remote code execution using a specifically crafted RTF file, giving the attacker the same user rights as the currently logged account.

Another critical fix addressed is the Duqu-related vulnerability, one which affects all supported versions of Windows, as well as Microsoft's Office 2003, 2007, 2012 and the latest editions of Silverlight.

The last critical issue speaks about vulnerabilities in .NET Framework that could possibly lead to unauthorised remote code execution for those using an XAML-based browser application and high clearance user accounts.

The other four important vulnerabilities also include Microsoft's Office, Visio Viewer 2010, the TCP/IP suite implementation, as well as Windows Partition Manager.

Source: Microsoft