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Mobile Roaming Gets Cheaper In The EU

Starting this summer, Europeans who are vacationing on the Continent will enjoy lower charges for mobile roaming. European lawmakers have voted on the first EU control over consumer charging on mobile Internet use.

They have decided to restrict the strict price caps on "rip-off" charges. Digital agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes, has explained to the European Parliament at the start of the week, that high roaming charges are "an obstacle to the single market."

She has argued that the new legislation needs to better protect the interest of EU citizens. "Let me remind you what's at stake. These days, mobiles are everywhere. People expect to use their phones wherever they go.

Especially across internal borders that are supposed to have disappeared. And better smartphones, tablets and online content mean a boom in mobile data", said Neelie Kroes.

She has also pointed out that the new charges will help families save "at least" €200 (£160) for a week vacation, spent abroad. The new retail caps in roaming data are 70 eurocents (£0.56) for every MB, starting this July. In 2014, the charge will lower to 20 euro cents

Source: Telegraph

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