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Nokia Lumia 900 Is Selling Better Than The HTC One X

The hype surrounding the Nokia Lumia 900 has not faded, as studies have shown the handset is selling impressively well, out-taking the quad-core HTC One X and being surpassed only by the iPhone 4S.

The studies have been performed by Travis McCourt, an analyst at Raymond James, and Bernstein Research's Pierre Ferragu. These reports were based on impressions from 15 AT&T stores in the US and 15 retail outlets in the UK.

As the report shows, the Lumia 900 continues to sell "reasonably well" in the States and with no signs of a fall in demand, over the upcoming period. The handset is available in the US and at around £60, which denotes Nokia's strategy of targeting for volume and with an aggressive campaign - as described by the slogan "beautifully different".

McCourt writes that HTC One X is also selling well, but not as good as Nokia's creation and not close to the strong demand of the iPhone 4S.

On the other hand, Ferragu has high hopes for HTC's device and believes that sales are going to increase in the next period, while the demand for the Lumia 900 will be overwhelmed by other smartphones: "Consumer interest in Nokia's flagship peaked at very low levels and is now evaporating in European market...The US remains for now an exception."

Ferragu has also admitted that the interest in Lumia 900 recently peaked in levels, comparable to the HTC One X and the Galaxy S3; but it fears that's too early in the game to say if the demand will fade away or strengthen.

Source: Barrons