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Noon News: Dell Announces Linux Laptop, Amazon to Unveil Technology Blogs?, Microsoft to Block Other Browsers in Windows 8 RT?

Dell and Ubuntu have teamed up to deliver a laptop powered by Linux for the developer market. In reality, it is a bog standard Dell XPS 13 laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 loaded which means that if you already have one, you can get an install image from Ubuntu. The project is part of Project Sputnik which offers not only full hardware support but also support for developer profiles. This means that a basic Ubuntu install can be configured with predefined developer profiles.

Amazon is set to unveil three new blogs that will compete against the likes of Gizmodo and The Verge as well as Photography blog. According to a report published by The Daily, the online retail giant will produce unbiased reviews for a gadget blog that will link back to Amazon's own retail website.

Mozilla claims that Microsoft will restrict browser options in the first ARM-compatible version of Windows 8, called RT, and will only allow users to take advantage of Internet Explorer 10. The statement only addresses the classic style of the Windows 8 desktop, but Mozilla says that this is where Microsoft intends to block other browsers, such as Google's Chrome and Firefox.

With many iPad users happy with their own cloud-hosted versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, CloudOn has now turned its focus on to Android. The new app, available on Google Play, promises to make Android tablets "do some real work." The CloudOn app is integrated into Box, Dropbox and Google Drive (read about it in our cloud storage group test). Requiring Android 3.1 or later, CloudOn is a free app and can be used to connect with any of these services and allows users to open, edit, share and store files from a single place.

Android gamers might have looked a little green with envy at iPhone owners and their Game Center. So, Google is working to appease them by developing an app similar to the iOS version. The matter was detailed in a recent report published by Business Insider, based on information provided by "a source familiar with the plans."