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Rovio Moving Beyond Angry Birds

Rovio has announced its next game and it's not another Angry Birds sequel. Amazing Alex is the name and it's based off of the Casey's Contraptions IP which it was reported yesterday that Rovio had purchased from the original creator, Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut.

Set for release sometime in the next couple of months, it's thought Amazing Alex will have an educational spin, focusing on Alex, a young lad with a penchant for building.

Most likely there will be a casual approach, similar to Rovio's hit bird-flinging title that recently hit over a billion downloads, though of course the company will be feeling the pressure. This is the difficult second release after a major hit - even if some of the expansions for Angry Birds could be considered the company's sequel developments.

At the moment not much is known about the new title. Visiting the new website shows a young, blond lad leaning against the logo for the game, with a bouncing tennis ball running across the top of the text - similar to some of the traditional Disney singalong films.

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