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Windows Phone Is Selling Better Than iOS Based Mobile Phones

We might say that Russia has an attraction for Windows Phone handsets, as the mobile OS has managed to surpass iOS devices in sales - at least in the first quarter of the year.

Apple has failed to infiltrate heavily in that period, as reports now show. Russia's leading mobile operator, MTS, recently released a study made on sales, for Q1 2012, and as the numbers agree, Windows Phone OS mobiles have out-sold iPhone devices by almost one per cent.

Microsoft's handset operating system has claimed 8.2 per cent of the total market, while Apple has only conquered 7.3 per cent. The downside is that Windows Phone reaches 4th place, among all mobile platforms, while iOS claims the fifth.

On the upper part of the ladder is Bada, the OS build by Samsung. This can be found on over 11.3 per cent of all handsets in Russia, while Android powers over 35.1 per cent of all devices.

Surprisingly, Nokia's almost abandoned platform, Symbian, leads with 37.8 per cent of units sold, while BlackBerry and MeeGo devices barely exist in the country.

The retailer reports that the best sold Windows Phone devices were with a price tag of over £200. These were the Nokia Lumia 800, 710 and the HTC Mozart, with the last one almost going out of stock in Russia.

Source: MTSGSM