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BT's 80Mbps Broadband Roll Out Completed

BT has announced that it has managed to connect 10 million British households to its super fast fibre optic broadband network "several months" ahead of schedule.

The company's chief executive, Ian Livingston, said "There are more than half a million customers already using the service and more than 60 ISPs trialling or offering services. This is a significant achievement given we only began selling services a couple of years ago."

BT's network allows speeds of up to 80Mbps to be delivered using fiber to the cabinet (FTTC), rather than fiber to the premises (FTTP) which is costlier, takes longer to implement but also offers much higher broadband speeds with "futureproofness" baked in.

The company expects super fast broadband to be available to two-thirds of homes across the UK by 2014 and will start trialling FTTP next year with speeds starting from 300Mbps promised initially rising to 1Gbps in the future.

Clearly then, FTTC is a temporary fix which allows BT to catch up with archrival Virgin Media which announced that it had reached the 10 million household mark in February 2012.

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