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Intel Making Chips For iPhone, iPad That Apple Can't Ignore

Intel is apparently building processors which, it says, Apple can't ignore as the semiconductor giant plans to use its formidable army of engineers and software developers to clash with ARM's vast ecosystem.

Paul Otellini, Intel's CEO, said at an annual investor day in Santa Clara, at the company's HQ that "Our job is to insure our silicon is so compelling, in terms off running the Mac better or being a better iPad device, that as they make those decisions they can't ignore us".

Intel is one of the very few system-on-chip makers that can deliver a complete product from design to finish as it owns a wireless business, acquired from Infineon, is the biggest shareholder in Imagination Technologies which produces PowerVR graphics solutions and produces the chips at one of its numerous fab units scattered worldwide.

Apple however is unlikely to be fazed by Intel's chest banging exercise. The company, which is the second biggest shareholder in Imagination Technologies, has purchased PA Semi and Intrinsity, two semiconductor companies, in the past new years and is said to be an ARM architectural licensee as well.

Apple can therefore not only design chips the way it wants but keep any unique features close to its chest while paying cost price for its silicon.

Source : Forbes

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