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Nokia Lumia 900 Comes Exclusively To Phones4u

The Nokia Lumia 900 has just hit Europe and now Phone 4u retails the device exclusively in the UK, at least for the next two weeks. The handset is available in both black and white models along with a nice free bonus, for those purchasing it early.

Phones 4u has an exclusive contract with Nokia until 27th May, a date when other channels will also be able to stock the Lumia 900. For the time being, the retailer will be the only source where consumers can purchase this device, with Clove already exhausting stocks and delaying the phone until June.

To celebrate the deal, the retailer will throw in a Nokia Monster Headset, a Nokia Play 360 speaker and 12 months of unlimited Wi-Fi - all available for free for those purchasing the device in May.

The retailer only offers Nokia's Lumia 900 on a contract basis, with O2 charging £21/month and a £199 upfront fee, while Vodafone asks for a £31/month pay and delivers the handset free of charge.

Orange is also on the list with some nice offers, the less demanding option being the £31/month fee with no sum upfront.

As for delivery however, beware of O2, who can only supply the smartphone after 14th May (for unknown reasons).

These two weeks of exclusivity should offer Phones 4u a nice selling mark, hopefully one that will equal the hype surrounding AT&T.

Source: Phones 4u