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Microsoft has "tens of thousands" of Windows Azure Customers

Bob Kelly, a corporate vice president at Microsoft in charge of Windows Azure marketing team, has confirmed to an audience attending the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Technology Conference in San Francisco that the company had tens of thousands of customers on the Windows Azure platform.

He also confirmed that hundreds were being added a day, which would equate to at least a few tens of thousands additional customers by the end of the year. Some other interesting titbits that were mentioned in the discussion includes the fact that Microsoft's cloud platform now runs more servers than the entire planet did back in 1999. (ed : why not check our comprehensive cloud section)

Windows Azure has also doubled its compute capacity and its storage consumption over the last six months with the growth in subscription of Windows Azure up by almost 60 per cent over the same period, which, if sustained would double the size of the Azure customer base by September.

Kelly was also adamant that Microsoft online services (Azure, Office 365) were not cannibalising its on-premises server business. In fact, he confirmed that overlap is minimal with 90 per cent of all Office 365 customers being new rather than existing ones.

Source : RPCmag

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