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Microsoft To Launch Windows 8 Upgrade Offer Soon

Microsoft will offer Windows 8 for free to those customers who buy a qualifying Windows-based computer. The move, which has been repeated a couple of times in the past, encourages customers to continue buying products rather than wait for the next operating system is launched.

Sources have told Cnet that the offer will be available for computers running Windows 7 Home Basic or higher. However, there seems to be some confusion as to whether Microsoft will be offering Windows 8 consumer for free and Windows 8 Professional for a fee, at the same time.

Windows 8 Pro - the follow up to Windows 7 Ultimate - offers encryption, virtualisation, PC management, domain connectivity plus support for Windows Media Center media pack.

The offer is said to start n the 2nd of June, the day Windows 8 Release Candidate goes live - and just before Computex 2012 - and will last till January 2013. allowing Microsoft to make the most of the busy back-to-school and holidays period.

Microsoft is also likely to offer paid-for upgrade routes from Windows 8 Consumer to Professional and from Windows 7 editions to Windows 8.

Source : Cnet

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