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Windows Phone Marketplace Branded By Nokia Appears In UK

Evidence of Nokia's influence in Microsoft's circles can be seen in the latest software update for the Lumia 900, where the usual Windows Phone Marketplace logo has been changed to one customised for Nokia handsets only.

Traces have appeared only in handsets sold in the UK, where the Lumia 900 comes with the latest 8773 build of Windows Phone OS and as seen from the picture, instead of the usual Windows-like logo that could have been found on the shopping bag, a simple "n" letter can now be seen.

Most likely, the new logo will arrive on all Lumia smartphones, establishing Nokia's plan of globalising a custom-branded application portal that makes use of the classic Marketplace structure.

Currently, the functionality of the WP7.5 Marketplace is not affected. However, this may change in the future, with sources hinting that the Finnish manufacturer wants to create its own marketplace.

Nokia may have opened the path to customisation for other manufacturers as well, what with Barnes & Noble recently signing a deal with Microsoft that could potently develop into another branded marketplace.

Meanwhile, Samsung may choose to adopt the same tactic, once Windows Phone 8 Apollo hits the scene and the company begins to bring out its high-end smartphones.

Just recently, Nokia also signed a deal for an exclusive pack of applications, which are only going to be available for Lumia 900 devices later this year.

Image credit: The Verge

Source: XDA