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Google Looking To Buy Meebo For $100m?

Google is apparently looking to buy social IM/network Meebo according to two sources familiar with the matter, cited by Allthings D.

The publication says a $100 million offer has been put on the table and a deal is close. Meebo is a 7-year old startup with its most popular products being a web-based IM client (which we've used in the past but swapped for IMO.IM) and an on-site toolbar that populated a number of well known websites.

Meebo also launched a new homepage that allows users to "create an interest profile to get new and timely information about the things that matter to you."

Google is struggling to stem the rise of Facebook which is getting ever close to being the first-billion user social network. Expect Meebo's acumen and experience to be integrated in Google+ together with Milk, which Google has recently acquired.

One could argue though that $100m is a lot for a technology that others like IMO.IM have already rolled out and for IP that could overlap with Google's own (Google+ or Google Talk).

Source : Allthings D

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