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£59.97 Sony BDPS185B SMART Blu-ray Player

The Sony BDP-S185 is not just an ordinary Blu-ray player that allows you to watch Blu-ray discs but, is equipped with SMART features that make it an Internet enabled Blu-ray player that would turn your HD TV into a SMART HD TV.

The BDP-S185 lets you enjoy your favourite Blu-ray movies in splendid Full High Definition (HD) 1080p resolution and with capabilities whereby it can upscale your DVD collection to near HD quality it is definitely a catch at the current price tag.

Finished in black, the BDP-S185 is a sleek Blu-ray player with a compact design that blends in with the other gadgets quite well. The start/load time of the Blu-ray player are on the minimum end of the spectrum and the SMART connected features ensures that you don't lose out on online entertainment options through Internet services like the BBC iPlayer, LOVEFiLM and YouTube.

Sony hasn't provided a lot many interfaces for connectivity but, has definitely given the important ones which are just right for all your entertainment needs. With HDMI connection, you can connect the player through to a HD TV. The USB input allows you to easily play a variety of multimedia directly on your TV - photos, music and movies. Internet connectivity can be provided through the Ethernet port.

The Sony BDPS185B SMART Internet Enabled Blu-ray Player is available from Tesco Direct for £59.97.