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Apple Accuses Samsung Of Destroying Evidence

The fierce legal war between Apple and Samsung is getting even uglier, with a recent report revealing that Apple has filed a detailed motion accusing the South Korean company of purposefully destroying evidence.

"Samsung had a duty to preserve relevant evidence, failed to do so, and acted in bad faith in failing to meet its legal duty," stated Apple's motion filed in the Northern District of California.

Instead, claims Apple, Samsung destroyed "vast quantities of relevant evidence in blatant disregard of its duty to preserve all such evidence." Apple's motion relies on the discrepancies between the documents Samsung's witnesses have referred to and the documents actually handed over to the Court.

The iPhone maker couldn't miss the opportunity to state in court that Samsung had been sanctioned before for similar behaviour. In the lawsuit between Samsung and Mosaid Technologies, the South Korean company had purposefully deleted emails relevant to the legal case.

Apple and Samsung are expected to meet on 21st and 22nd May under court supervision to resolve the matter.

Source: NetworkWorld

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