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Apple Still Working On iPhone 5 Design

While we're bashing our heads against the walls in an attempt to figure out what the next iPhone is going to look like, it appears that Apple is also doing the same.

The wide array of reports suggesting Apple will introduce a new iPhone witha wider screen, a Liquidmetal back, a taller, slimmer body, or flexible display might actually be bogus. Usually, Apple develops more prototypes to test the design and functionality of the new range of products.

Many times, these prototypes don't end up to be the actual devices introduced to the market. They do, however, inspire an interesting set of rumours.

The sixth generation iPhone prototypes suggest that Apple hasn't figure out the design yet. Reports on the matter hint to a new dock connector, smaller than the current version.

The Home button will also be kept, despite previous buzz on the subject. Apparently, Apple is not looking to change the size of the new iPhone, either.

Under the circumstances, it is safe to assume that Apple doesn't plan to release the next iPhone in June, as Asian media reports initially suggested. We're still on for an October launch event.

Source: iMore

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