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Apple To Bring 3D Maps To iOS 6?

In just over a month, Apple is expected to announce a "blow your head off" 3D mapping feature at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The rumour comes from anonymous sources detailing Apple's plans in a 9to5Mac report.

Apple is believed to have deployed a complex strategy to replace the rival's service. In addition to Google Maps, the company relies on the OpenStreetMap Foundation to provide data for the iPhone and iPad.

Since 2009, Apple has bought three mapping companies, with two of them specialising in 3D mapping: Placebase, Poly 9 and C3 Technologies.

This can only lead to the conclusion that Apple is working on developing an in-house mapping application. "Trusted sources" have suggested Apple will announce the new Maps app as early as this year, along with the next iOS version.

The new app, simply named as 'Maps', is reported to provide a "cleaner, faster, and more reliable experience." However, the 3D feature of the app won't come in default mode - with users need to switch to 3D in order to get the full effect of the new service.

Source: 9to5Mac

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